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$1 million in rent assistance still available to Salt Lake City residents



SALT LAKE CITY — More than $1 million in rental assistance money is still available for those in need during the holiday season.

While many federal, state and county resources have been sucked dry, grant money from Salt Lake City’s rental assistance program is available to residents for past for current rent payments.

“We are working hard to get this assistance money out to those who need it, particularly those who may not have been eligible for federal stimulus dollars,” said Mayor Erin Mendenhall.

The money received does not need to be repaid and is available to all renters in Salt Lake City, despite documentation status or if they qualified for the federal stimulus check.

“City staff have worked with various nonprofit providers to offer housing stabilization services, especially for the City’s vulnerable populations. In addition to the current available resources, more programs will be coming in the next few weeks to further keep households in their housing or assist them back into housing,” said Tony Milner, Policy and Program Manager, SLC Housing and Neighborhood Development.

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