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3 steps to follow when your child throws a tantrum



As Murphy’s Law would have it, children’s tantrums seem to happen at the most inconvenient times.

Your toddler or independent-minded 3-year-old turns red, screams, stomps, and appears possessed when you’ve finally gotten everyone geared up for a family walk, or wrangled that video call you spent days coordinating with relatives to get everyone live at once — or even worse, when you need silence for your weekly video conference call at work.

“What’s gotten into you? We don’t have time for this!” you might think. Everything you say and do seems to make the tantrum worse, and it takes all of your remaining resources not to throw a tantrum yourself. What can you do instead when your child throws a tantrum? Below is a three-step strategy that can help.

Parents know. Tantrums over wearing a mask in public. Complaints of masks being too itchy or too tight. It begs the question: How will young children learn to keep the mask on for long periods of time? Here are tips from experts.

1. Let children ask questions

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