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54% of Republican voters would support Trump if he ran for president in 2024



WASHINGTON  – According to a recent poll following President Trump’s second impeachment trial, 54% of Republican voters would support former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical presidential primary election in 2024.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Ballotpedia’s editor-at-large Scott Rasmussen to The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Wednesday morning. “Trump is the biggest name in the party right now. Most Republicans still think that he probably was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.”

Rasmussen says it’s important to remember how early it is to be talking about 2024.

“The fact that 54% of Republicans say that today, doesn’t mean they’ll have the same attitude in 2024,” said Rasmussen.

83% of Pennsylvania voters believe it’s important to reform the state’s voting laws before 2022, according to a recent poll.

“80% to 90% of voters all around the country are saying we need to have reform, obviously a lot of non-Trump voters in there, a lot of Republicans, Democrats and Independents,” said Rasmussen. “What voters are looking for is a process that works …They want to know that every vote gets counted, and they want to have the results announced in a timely manner so that they can feel confident.”

As states experienced a higher number of mail-in ballots this past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, states like Utah and California had experience with mail-in ballots in past years – but some states struggled.

“Where it became a big problem this year were in states like Pennsylvania that had never dealt with mail-in balloting before,” said rasmussen. “They don’t have a problem with the idea of mail-in balloting or early voting. What they want is to make sure again that the system works well, that there’s legitimate protections to make sure who’s voting, and also voters want to see all those results come in by Election Day.”

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