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A judge rules against Draper in the city’s attempt to stop the expansion of the Geneva Rock mine



Draper, Utah – A barrier has emerged in the way of the city of Draper’s attempts to control the growth of Geneva Rock’s mine at the Point of the Mountain.

A judge dismissed the city’s lawsuit last week, which was intended to make the firm follow local laws before growing its quarry operations inside the municipal limits.

This ruling is the most recent chapter in a long judicial battle to establish the limits of the mine’s growth. The Geneva Rock mine has the potential to grow by up to 75 acres.

Residents of Draper, who are adjacent to the mine, have expressed worries about the expansion’s effects on the ecology and aesthetics.

“We live above the mine so actually when we drive in you can see the dust; you go into the dust,” Draper resident Jon Watkins said.

The city of Draper argued that by requesting state approval for the expansion, Geneva Rock is trying to circumvent municipal government.

Geneva Rock insisted that it is obtaining the required permissions by following the correct processes.

“I understand the purpose of the mind, and that we’re growing as the state of Utah but at the same time I don’t like how they are going about it” Watkins said.

A Geneva Rock representative said in response to questions about the expansion and the possibility of city engagement, “The court’s decision moves us one step closer to resolution. In the meantime, we remain committed to continually providing high-quality materials to build Utah’s most critical infrastructure and housing.”

According to a Draper representative, city authorities are not making any public comments about the issue at this time following the advise of their legal counsel. To maintain control over the mine’s future within its borders, the city is adamant on taking the matter all the way to a jury trial.


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