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AISD’s pre-K program: A learning experience for young students



As the new school year dawns upon us, officials at Arlington Independent School District, known as AISD, are eager to promote their pre-kindergarten program as an exceptional way for parents to set their 3- and 4-year-olds on the path of lifelong learning. Dr. Jackeline Orsini, the Director of Early Childhood Learning at AISD, emphasizes that every single detail in their pre-K classrooms was purposefully designed to ignite children’s curiosity and inspire a love of learning. The focus, she asserts, is to create an enchanting and magical learning experience that captivates the minds of all the district’s pre-K students.

According to Orsini, play is one of the most crucial ways young children learn, which is why the AISD pre-K curriculum allows for many types of play throughout the day. Lesson plans are created with structured and non-structured activities that enable children to engage in physical, cognitive, language, and social play. Every pre-K classroom is thoughtfully designed with furniture, toys, and learning centers that promote purposeful play, enhance the curriculum, foster creativity, and encourage exploration. Teachers skillfully direct the play and use it to teach various lessons.

Each AISD pre-K classroom comprises small chairs, stools, and tables that are precisely sized for threes and fours, along with a water fountain at the students‘ height, a sink, a bathroom, and multiple learning centers. These centers promote literacy, math, science, and social-emotional learning. Children can choose from a diverse range of activities, including dramatic play, reading, math manipulatives, free choice, and the Safe Place – a unique, quiet corner where children can sit if they feel overwhelmed, anxious, or simply not having the best day. The classroom is adorned with labels and signs for every object, helping children make connections between words and pictures and aiding in early literacy development. Science and math labs are also available for pre-K students to learn by doing, and the playground serves as another vital outdoor classroom space.

The AISD pre-K program is a haven where children can practice skills taught by their teachers every day, gain language skills, and develop into lifelong learners, according to Dallas Metro News. Parents are encouraged to explore AISD’s best-in-class pre-K programs and contact the pre-K team with any inquiries. To register, head to the AISD website and check out a video that showcases a typical day in pre-K. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to set your child on a lifelong journey of exploration and learning!

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