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Mathilda Gatewood


This is Mathilda, the fastest 'keyboard-typer' we have ever seen. Mathilda is fully dedicated in writing the local news, but also writing opinions over the current political issues. She is a beach lover and a passionate adventurer.

Stories By Mathilda Gatewood


Local News22 hours ago

During the 2022–2023 season, Utah’s ski industry brought in $1.94 billion in revenue from non-resident visitors

Salt Lake City, Utah – Hate every tourist that comes to Utah in the winter? You might want to reconsider....

Local News2 days ago

As we come to the end of another fantastic snowy year in Utah, here is the most recent flood forecast for the spring melt

Salt Lake City, Utah – Following an unprecedented snowfall and water year in the previous winter, this one proved to...

Local News3 days ago

Significant weather changes will bring Utah rain, snow, and cooler temperatures

Salt Lake City, Utah – Make sure you grab your jacket and umbrella before heading outside on Monday morning as...

Local News4 days ago

After 119 years, a Salt Lake company is moving to Murray, and the structure will be demolished

Salt Lake City, Utah – After determining that its downtown facility was too damaged by an earthquake in 2020 to...

Local News5 days ago

The Jewish community in the area responds to a potential Iranian invasion on Israel

Salt Lake City, Utah – Following an airstrike on an embassy compound in Damascus, the capital of Syria, Iran has...

Local News6 days ago

Gorilla in Hogle Zoo expecting a new little bundle of joy

Salt Lake City, Utah – The announcement that a lowland gorilla at Hogle Zoo is expecting a kid will make...

Local News7 days ago

Transit will be redesigned and expanded by UTA by the potential 2034 Olympics

Salt Lake City, Utah – Utah is prepared to change the world once more. According to the Utah Transit Authority,...

Local News1 week ago

Utah libraries celebrate National Library Week

Kaysville, Utah – A local librarian is celebrating National Library Week by expressing her passion for books and this priceless...

Local News1 week ago

Student protests against an anti-trans speaker at the University of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah – Some students were excited when political writer Michael Knowles appeared at the University of Utah’s...

Local News1 week ago

Why Utah might have rumblings for the next five months

Salt Lake City, Utah – Do not jump to the conclusion that an earthquake is rumbling through Utah just because...