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Mathilda Gatewood


This is Mathilda, the fastest 'keyboard-typer' we have ever seen. Mathilda is fully dedicated in writing the local news, but also writing opinions over the current political issues. She is a beach lover and a passionate adventurer.


Local News1 month ago

Prescription Drug Take Back Day in West Valley

West Valley, Utah – Today, Saturday, October 28, 2023, West Valley City will stand united with communities across the nation...

U. S. News2 months ago

North Texas schools rally against Texas Education Agency’s new standards

In North Texas, an uprising of educational institutions is brewing, questioning the legitimacy and fairness of the recent assessment criteria...

U. S. News2 months ago

Residents advocate for transparency in Dallas’ ecological policies

Dallas, Texas – In the sprawling cityscape of Dallas, where hazy skies often overshadow its vibrant life, a pivotal issue is...

U. S. News7 months ago

Texas lawmakers and victim families push for enhanced gun safety legislation

Texas – Dallas Metro News, a Dallas local news outlet, reported that on Monday, May 3rd, an emotional news conference...

U. S. News7 months ago

Cartoon Saloon: From Texas Independence Day idea to a quirky roadside attraction

Five years ago, a group of creative minds were in search of a unique way to celebrate Texas Independence Day....

U. S. News7 months ago

AISD’s pre-K program: A learning experience for young students

As the new school year dawns upon us, officials at Arlington Independent School District, known as AISD, are eager to...

U. S. News8 months ago

From affordable to unattainable: The struggle for housing in Texas

The North Texas real estate market has seen a significant increase in population and economic activity in recent years, leading...

Lifestyle8 months ago

Dallas Craigslist: An Invaluable Resource for Job Seekers

Craigslist is an online platform, providing job seekers in the Dallas area with an array of diverse opportunities. As a...

U. S. News8 months ago

Texas Baptist Men: Providing help, hope, and healing in the face of disaster

Over the weekend, a team of dedicated disaster relief volunteers from Texas Baptist Men sprang into action after a devastating...

U. S. News8 months ago

Concerns arise about the environmental impact of wind turbines in Texas

The debate about wind turbines has been a topic of interest in the US, and long before a Chinese spy...