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COVID-19 tests past expiration date can still provide accurate results



Salt Lake City, Utah — As the federal program sending free at-home testing kits ends, many people are finding the date printed on the test packaging has expired.

According to the Salt Lake County Health Department, these tests can still provide accurate results.

“Depending on the brand you purchased or received, there is still a chance you can use them without risking a false result,” said Gabriel Moreno, a spokesperson for the department. “Some manufacturers find after time, their tests still gave sold results. They can request extended expiration dates.”

A company that distributes personal protective equipment and COVID-19 tests, manufacturers have learned more about the performance of their products since they were first developed, according to Leo Friedman, CEO of iPromo.

“They have the data now that shows the solution, the solution you dip your snot into doesn’t degrade,” he said.


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