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Former superintendent makes case against Alpine school district split



Utah County, Utah – Gary Seastrant, a former assistant superintendent for the Alpine School System, is concerned that the city of Orem is unaware of how much time and money it will take to establish a new school district.

During a presentation to the Orem PTA, Seastrand concentrated on resources, arguing that the size of the Alpine School District can be beneficial and that purchasing items in bulk can result in lower prices. He added that a number of regions are already having trouble finding bus drivers. It might be necessary for the new district to establish its own transportation division, which, according to Seastrand, will cost even more money.

When the Alpine School District leads the state in lifetime pay for career teachers, Seastrand added, it will be difficult to find outstanding instructors.

There was also a lot of debate on Proposition 2 support from the Utah Taxpayer Association. According to the group, the tax increase for Orem residents would be minimal. According to Seastrand, different data are being examined, but in the past, when districts like Jordan and Canyons were established, property taxes increased.

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