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How to prevent your stimulus check from being stolen



WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – With the possibiliyl of stimulus checks being sent out on the horizon, there is a possibility of thieves trying to get their hands on your check.

To make sure your stimulus check makes it to your pocket, the West Valley City Police Department took to social media, to share a “Sixty Second Safety Tip” to make sure your check makes it to your pocket. This also goes for postal package thefts.

In a video posted on the WVCPD Facebook page. , the first step to making sure your check makes it to you safely, check to make sure you have your current address up to date with the IRS.

“We’ve seen cases where checks have gone to the wrong address and people have forged the signature so they can cash the check,” Sgt. Chapman explains in the video.

Chapman also says there has been a recent increase in a text message scam, where you get a text message that says you have a package pending or that your bank will be closing your account soon.

“These are tricks to get your personal information,” Chapman says. “Don’t ever send passwords, account information through text. Most businesses will contact you through the mail and if you’re not sure, call the business yourself.” Chapman added.

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