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Man arrested after threatening people with hatchet after girlfriend cuts in line at West Valley City In-N-Out



WEST VALLEY CITY – Police say a man was arrested after he allegedly threatened a person with a hatchet after his girlfriend cut in front of a car in an In-N-Out drive-thru.

According to a probable cause statement, said that on Jan. 17, a man was sitting at In-N-Out drive thru when a woman driving a silver BMW cut in front of him.

The man then flashed his headlights to get the woman’s attention, but she ignored him.

Shortly after, another man got out of a truck parked nearby and broke the window of the victim’s car and threatened him with a hatchet.

After breaking the window, the suspect, identified as Damien Lee Hallett, pointed at the victim with his hand bleeding and told the victim “it will be your blood next”, and left the area.

A witness of the crime was able to provide police with the license plate of the truck and were able to locate the unoccupied truck parked nearby. Officers located a bloody hatchet inside the truck and also observed blood on the outside of the driver’s door.

Police interviewed Hallet a few days after the incident, in which he told police his girlfriend called him that night to tell him that people were yelling at her in the drive-thru. Hallet also told police that he gave the keys to his truck to a man named Bob so that he could take his girlfriend home. A probable cause statement said that Hallet was unable to provide Bob’s last name or contact information.

Hallet has been charged with two counts of assault, and one count of criminal mischief.

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