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Man Caught Between Police & Suspect After High-Speed Chase



HUNTSVILLE, Utah – Kiley Cook said he just wanted to take a peaceful Sunday drive around Pineview Reservoir. But instead, he watched a high-speed crash and a confrontation with an officer all while the suspect was trying to use his car to get away.

“I was just going to take a lap around the lake,” Cook said. “A crazy fast Chrysler came off the dam, couldn’t make the turn. Wheels were turned and a tire flew off the wheel and he slammed into the truck. And then the cars bounced — cars went into the air, smoke and plastic everywhere.”

It played out at an intersection by the Pineview Dam. A deputy with the Weber County Sheriff’s Office said the car sped past him just moments before it passed Cook.

Shortly after, the deputy called off the chase because of the unsafe speeds.

“Next thing I know, the driver’s getting out, bloodied face, running towards my car,” Cook said. “He came up to the passenger door.”

Cook had no idea the man had been on the run.

The deputy heard a call out for the crash and headed to the scene.

“That’s when the sheriff pulled up and did a sweet power-slide,” Cook said. “His door was already open — jumped out with his gun pointing at the guy, telling him to get away from my vehicle.”

Cook said the man didn’t cooperate and tried to shield himself behind his vehicle, all while Cook sat in his car, watching the scene play out.

“And then he reached into his pocket for something and I was like, ‘Oh, this guy’s going to get shot,’” he said. “That’s when I tried to go down.”

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