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New breast cancer screening tool unveiled by Intermountain Healthcare



Utah – Intermountain Healthcare is bringing awareness to the problem by announcing a new screening option that is anticipated to save more lives as Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets underway on Saturday.

Intermountain representatives said they have started urging women in Utah to undergo their yearly checkups, which might save their lives, especially since many have fallen behind as a result of the pandemic.

Women with dense breast tissue have historically frequently undergone routine sonograms in addition to mammograms because dense breast tissue can make it “more challenging for mammography to detect abnormalities,” according to Intermountain Healthcare.

Intermountain has revealed its newest option for breast cancer screenings: the shortened MRI, in an effort to lighten an already stressful and unsettling process. According to reports, this new method scans the breasts in roughly 10 minutes using a “regular magnetic resonance imaging scanner existing in hospitals.” Intermountain is happy to report that this option is far less expensive than other scanning techniques.

According to the group, women who are thought to be at high risk for breast cancer benefit from this more accurate scan. Sonograms and mammograms are reported to detect breast cancer symptoms later than the condensed MRI.

The new instrument has been described by Intermountain as the most effective alternative for early prevention because it can detect twice as many malignancies as mammography.

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