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Ogden sees the dedication of the Shoshone-Bingham Fort Monument



Ogden, Utah – On Saturday morning, the Shoshone-Bingham Fort Monument was dedicated in one of the oldest communities in Ogden.

“The connectedness of this monument brings in both cultures, which is rare,” said Brad Parry, vice chairman of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation.

Parry clarified that many leaders and members used to spend their summers in this area.

“Bingham Fort is along 2nd Street in Ogden both east and west of Wall Avenue,” said Tammy Creeger, a board member of the Weber County Heritage Foundation.

In the neighborhood, which was established in the 1800s, Tammy and her husband Richard reside in the oldest house. Nineteen historical pioneer sites exist.

“This is the richest historical area in Ogden, and perhaps a large part of northern Utah,” explained Tammy.

They have spent decades collaborating on preservation with other members of the community. They now have a monument as a reminder of their commitment.

“To see that many people show up, that support, not just the monument and what it stands for, but what the people in the community stand for, and it’s worth fighting for,” added Richard.

On the corner of the street, residents and local authorities gathered to commemorate the monument’s installation.

This monument on Chief Little Soldier Way has unique meaning, according to Parry.

“There wasn’t that big of an issue between the tribe and the settlers, so they actually got along really well, and that’s what’s being brought out here today,” he said.

Additionally, the monument contains QR codes that lead to additional historical information.
Multi-family housing was allowed to rezone a portion of the community.

“The city had mandated when they approved his development request, that he build a monument,” said Tammy.

The Weber County Heritage Foundation’s members then set to work designing the memorial.

“It means to me that our city leaders are finally listening to us. Thank you! You know we’ve tried, but you know what it took? It took a partnership and it took a broader perspective than just a handful of local neighbors,” said Tammy.


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