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On June 2, the Utah Pride Parade will go through Salt Lake City’s downtown



Salt Lake City, Utah – Rain or shine, the Utah Pride Parade travels through Salt Lake City’s downtown on Sunday, June 2.

Starting at 10 a.m., the two-mile parade route will pass over thirteen blocks. All observers are welcome to attend the procession for free. Additionally, it is a part of the broader Utah Pride Festival, which is scheduled for June 1-2 in Washington Square Park and for which daily tickets are $5.

An estimated 10,000 participants and 100,000 spectators are anticipated for the procession, according to officials. Water, snacks, and sunscreen are recommended for both marchers and attendees.

In order to prevent parking issues downtown, parade participants are also urged to ride share or use public transportation. A number of pay-to-park locations will be situated close to the parade’s staging area.

In fact, an interfaith worship service at Congregation Kol Ami, which is close to Tanner Park, will take place on Thursday, May 30 at 7 p.m. to officially launch the Utah Pride Festival for 2024. The Pride March and Rally is scheduled to take place at the State Capitol on Saturday, June 1, commencing at 10 a.m. That morning at 11 a.m., Washington Square’s major event also begins, and it runs until Sunday.

Parade Rules and Regulations
• Candy, flyers, novelty items, or “swag” of any kind is prohibited from being distributed in any way during the parade. Violators could face fines and expulsion from future parades.
• No fire or water can be used. (Drinking water, however, is highly encouraged.)
• No animals are allowed in the parade unless they are leashed and riding in a vehicle. The pavement is incredibly hot and poses a danger to animals.
• No nudity or obscenity is permitted by Utah state and city codes and ordinances.
• No drugs or alcohol are allowed.
• No solicitation is allowed.
• No third-party representation is allowed. Marching in a group you are not authorized to march with is grounds for expulsion.


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