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Pediatrician strongly recommends against homemade formula



Salt Lake City, Utah — A Utah pediatrician shared what parents should do if they’re in a bind.

According to Dr. Darin Bosworth with Wasatch Pediatrics South Point, the best thing people can do is call them for help.

“Babies and making sure they have adequate nutrition is super important,” Dr. Bosworth said.

It’s part of Dr. Darin Bosworth job – and in his 21 years, he’s never seen a formula shortage. “We know there are dangers to using a formula whether it is homemade or hasn’t been certified for use in our country.”

Some people have shared homemade formula recipes, which Dr. Bosworth doesn’t recommend.

Dr. Bosworth says, do not water down any formula, and definitely don’t buy any online from a different country. “One baby became profoundly anemic trying a formula that wasn’t produced in this county,” he said.

What about if your brand of formula is nowhere to be found?

“You can try different brands,” he said. “Most babies can tolerate different brands.”

Iif you are having trouble finding any formula – your pediatrician should have resources to connect you to get some.

One organization Dr. Bosworth noted is Woman Infant Children(WIC).


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