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Police continue to search for gunmen who shot 3 in Kearns, killing 1



KEARNS — Family members of a man shot and killed in Kearns continued to mourn Wednesday as police searched for three men believed to be responsible.

Alonso Gerardo Garcia-Mendoza, 32, was driving a black BMW about 4 p.m. Tuesday with two passengers when he pulled into the parking lot of a church near 5300 West and 5400 South, according to Unified police.

There, they encountered a red Saturn. The two sides got into an argument that escalated into gunfire, said Unified Police Sgt. Melody Cutler. The occupants of the Saturn opened fire on the BMW, striking all three people inside, Cutler said. Garcia-Mendoza attempted to drive away but crashed into a wall a short distance later, apparently unable to operate the vehicle due to his injuries.

Originally, it was reported that one of the occupants of the BMW then carjacked a white Charger after shots were fired, possibly hurting that driver in the process. After further investigation, Cutler said Wednesday that detectives no longer believe there was a carjacking or that the Charger was involved. All three shooting victims, she said, were in the BMW.

The other two victims remained hospitalized on Wednesday, one in critical condition the other in serious condition, Cutler said. It was not known Wednesday what the original argument was about.

On social media, friends and family members mourned their loved one’s death.

“You didn’t deserve this!! I can’t stop crying, I cannot think straight. You were the kindest, most loving person I’ve ever known. I’m sorry I didn’t reach out as much as I should have. I always knew you would be ok. Or at least I thought.. After we talked the other day, I had a bad feeling about what you said. But, I never thought it would end like this,” one woman, who identified herself as Garcia-Mendoza’s sister, posted. “You’re the most amazing person and I am deeply saddened that I will never get another hug from you, I will never be able to listen to new music you put out, I will never get to hear you laugh again.”

“I have no words… I’m completely devastated… last night one of the most amazing men I’ve ever known was taken from so many amazing people that loved him so much.. Alonso was one of the sweetest, most generous guys you could ever get to know. He would give you the shirt right off his back,” another person posted. “He didn’t deserve to go like this… Alonso, I’m so sorry this happened.. I wish I could hug you one last time.”

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