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Red tailed hawk stuck in grill of a car in northern Utah



Utah – According to wildlife officials in northern Utah, a red-tailed hawk was rescued after it became stuck in the grill of a car at high speed.

After the animal went through x-rays, the bird seemed to be uninjured, wildlife officials said in a social media post.

‘This Mature Red-tailed Hawk arrived yesterday after an encounter with a “sudden stop” as it became embedded at high speed into the grill of a car,” the post from Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah read.

“The initial X-ray wasn’t easy to read, but we couldn’t see or feel anything broken and ‘she’ will need another set of radio-graphs to get a better understanding of any possible injuries she might have.”

According to the rehab center, for now, she’s “feisty” and her body and wings appear to be fine.

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