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Salt Lake man offers his yard to those experiencing homelessness



SALT LAKE CITY — There are only a few more days left, but until February 19, people who are experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake City are welcome in the yard of Darin Mann.

Mann told KSL TV reporter Andrew Adams that he began this project in mid-January, in part as a reaction to Salt Lake City government’s handling of the homelessness issue in Utah’s capital city.

“It’s been going great so far,” Mann said. “No drugs, no violence, or you’re out. One strike policy.”

“If homeowners put their stuff on the line, like Darrin has,” said Brandy Najera, who’s staying at the camp, “maybe a lot of us would have more hope.”

Mann has settled on a limit of ten people experiencing homelessness who can camp on his yard at one time.  However, health officials have ordered the camp to be removed by the 19th of this month.

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