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SLC carjacking suspect caught after crashing car shortly after using boxcutter to steal it



A Utah man is facing first-degree felony charges after he wrecked a car shortly after stealing it Wednesday in Salt Lake City, according to a probable cause statement.

Police say 21-year-old Rigoberto Jesus Galdean threatened a woman with a boxcutter to steal her car, drove off, then crashed it a short time later. Police found Galdean in the area and arrested him.

Just two days prior, on April 19, Galdean walked up to a woman who was sitting in her car in front of 1342 S. State St., pulled out a knife, opened her car door and forced her out of the vehicle, police say.

Galdean then threatened the woman, telling her to give him her keys, which she did.

He then drove off. Police have yet to recover that vehicle.

Two days later, on Wednesday, Galdean followed a woman until she got into her rental car.

He then got in the backseat, told her he had a knife and said “something about a carjacking,” the PC statement says.

That women looked at Galdean, got out of the car, and ran. Galdean then drove off.

Shortly after, dispatchers received several calls of a reckless driver before Galdean crashed the rental car and ran from the scene, but didn’t get far. Officers found Galdean in the area of the crash, arrested him, then took him to the hospital for injuries he sustained in the crash.

Police also say Galdean dropped two jackets behind an apartment complex as he was fleeing the area.

Inside one of the jackets was a boxcutter, narcotics, and drug paraphernalia. There is also a federal complaint and detainer which is pending on Galdean.

In the meantime, Galdean is facing two first-degree felony charges of aggravated robbery.

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