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SLC officials: Tips to stop air pollution



Salt Lake City, Utah – People in Utah have seen an incredible spike in wildfires and smoky air.

With the devastating effects of the recent Parleys Canyon Fire, Cold Springs Fire and Bear Fire, the state of Utah’s air quality has taken a giant hit — at one point even ranking among the world’s worst air quality.

After all that air pollution, it’s a great time for citizens to do their part to help curb atmospheric contamination.

According to the Salt Lake County Regional Development team, there are some easy tips to minimize carbon pollution in everyday life.

According to Salt Lake County officials, when driving around town, try not to speed. “Your car emits a lot more gas emissions if you are slamming on the gas pedal or revving your engine,”. “Driving casually will help reduce emissions and is safer.”

Investing in electric appliances and tools will offset a ton of pollutants. “Whether it’s a car, lawn tool, or a stove — when it comes time to replace equipment producing emissions with one that doesn’t, you’re making a difference.”

Turning off the car when aren’t actively driving makes a big impact.

“If you’re sitting with your engine running and not moving, you’re putting unnecessary emissions into our airshed,” officials say.

“When the air is bad, adding smoke makes it worse,” officials say. “Hold off on the wood fire pit or smoker until the air is cleaner, or try converting to a natural gas instead.”

In the past month air quality is something that has been negatively affecting Utahns.

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