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Some cheer, others question new West Valley parking rule



Cars can no longer be parked within five feet of a driveway, even if it’s your own, in West Valley City.

KUTV: Jim Spiewak reports{ }

Drivers can stop long enough to let someone out but must stay in their car while that’s happening, and the driver must move as soon as the car is loaded or unloaded.

The ordinance was adopted on April 6 and went into effect on April 11.

It’s thrilling news to Maureen Ottley.

“It’s impossible for a child these days to play around their property that’s adjacent to a street because of the cars they go so fast through the neighborhood,” Ottley said.

Ottley says she petitioned, with no luck, to have a speed bump installed on her street, but this law is the next best thing.

It’s a great ordinance so that cars can actually see everything that’s going on in the street. If there’s anyone dashing out, they can see right away,” Ottley said.

That’s one of the reasons city manager Wayne T. Pyle said the law was passed. The idea is to increase visibility when backing out of driveways and to relieve parking congestion on streets.

Pyle said those are constant concerns brought by residents, and the changes were considered in public meetings. The city always examines local laws to make sure they have the desired effect, he said.

But the new parking rule has other residents scratching their head.

A new parking rule in West Valley has some residents scratching their head. “What’s going on in their rationale?” asked resident Jordan Fuller. (KUTV)

“What’s going on in their rationale?” asked resident Jordan Fuller.

Fuller has enough driveway space for his family, but the new law might become an issue if he has other family or friends over.

I don’t see why that makes sense. I don’t understand the reasoning,” Fuller said.

Fuller also questioned how the ordinance will be enforced.

“Is this something they’re really wanting to enforce, have the manpower to enforce?” he asked. “They have got to have a lot of other big fish in the sea to catch than that.”

Regarding enforcement, calls to the West Valley Police Department were not immediately returned on Friday night.

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