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St. George grandma pregnant, carrying son’s baby after his wife’s hysterectomy



St. George, Utah — The Hauck family is anticipating the arrival of a baby girl in November.

Cambria Hauck experienced a lot of fear after learning that surrogacy would be the only way for her and Jeff Hauck, who have previously had four children through in vitro fertilization, to conceive another child.

“Cambria needed an emergency hysterectomy after having our boys,” her husband Jeff Hauk said. “We knew if we were going to be able to have any more of our embryos we would have to use a gestational carrier.” Jeff Cambria said.

Nancy Hauck, Jeff’s 56-year-old mother, volunteered to carry the final embryo for the couple. She became pregnant with her own grandchild after several visits to a fertility doctor and an embryo transfer.

“Bringing another strong baby girl to our family, it’s just really special,” she said.

Despite not having given birth in 26 years, Nancy stated the pregnancy is proceeding well and that her body is handling the symptoms with ease.

“I am feeling great, surprisingly, and just like I did when I was younger and expecting,” Nancy Hauck said.

The couple described the journey they took to get their baby here as amazing and expressed their gratitude to Nancy for being so selfless as to carry their kid.

“It’s been so incredible to be part of this experience with her. I am eternally grateful,” Cambria Hauck said.

Just a couple of days after the embryo transfer, Nancy said she woke up in the middle of the night and heard a sweet voice clearly say, “Hi, my name is Hannah.” Because of that experience, the couple has decided to name their daughter Hannah.

“Hannah means favor or grace which sums up the whole experience perfectly in every definition of the words! Nancy is doing this eternal ‘favor’ for our family. The way it all came to be has been through the grace of God,” Cambria Hauck said.

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