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The rain stops long enough for families to enjoy the annual Busker Fest



Salt Lake City, Utah – For central and northern Utah, the holiday weekend got off to a soggy start.

Plans were spoiled by the rain, but happily the sun returned in time for people to enjoy the weekend’s events, particularly the yearly Busker Fest.

“Rain is not ideal, but wind and lightening are the things that create danger in these spaces,” said Kim Angeli, event director for Busker Fest.

About 100 street performers of all stripes, many of whom spend years perfecting their acts, take part in the outdoor festival. According to Angeli, organizers were keeping a careful eye on the weather in an effort to come up with a backup plan in case the rainy weather persisted.

“I think the city and (the) Salt Lake City downtown area is really a character in their festival,” Angeli said. “It’s part of what this festival is, to be on the street. So it would have been a bummer to go inside.”

“Right when we opened, the rain had just stopped and it was super quiet and we’re like, you know, you put all this preparation into it. It’s like..’is anyone coming?’” Angeli said.

Jeff Horton and his two daughters were among the hundreds of individuals who managed to attend. He said that he had been thinking about going for a few days.

“We were checking (their) Facebook and their Twitter page to make sure they were still going to be open,” Horton said. “It was a great time for the kids.”

According to Angeli, she is happy with the attendance this year and can’t wait to get things organized for next year.

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