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The Senate will consider a road rage bill that includes education plans and harsher sanctions



Salt Lake City, Utah – Progress in this year’s legislative session was made on Friday when a new “road rage” bill was approved by the State House.

The bill’s co-sponsor is the state representative for Davis County, Paul Cutler. If this were to become law, he claimed, it would alter our state in a lot of ways.

“It defines road rage, and it will start improving our data collection, so we know when it’s happening or where it’s happening and is this a problem that’s getting worse or not,” Cutler said. “It also puts an enhanced penalty and enhanced fines on the most serious road rage offenses where people are trying to endanger others. It also takes the money from the enhanced fines and puts it into a road rage education and awareness campaign, so we help people understand how I prevent this from happening to my family, or what should I do if someone targets me; how do I react?”

On Friday, the State House adopted a new “road rage” bill, marking progress in this year’s parliamentary session.

Paul Cutler, the state representative for Davis County, is one of the bill’s co-sponsors. He said there would be significant changes to our state if this were to become law.

“We’re not targeting free expression, such as something you might say or a gesture that’s protected by free speech, but we’re really looking for those people who are endangering others with their behavior on the road,” Cutler said.

He wants everyone to be aware of the dangers of road rage.

“Just because you’re angry, you need to think carefully,” Cutler said.

Rodney Salm, Peter Salm’s brother, was killed by road rage last summer.

“It’s been a long haul for our family, and it’s nice to see some progress like this,” he said.

He added that it heals to see this law move ahead, as did Rodney’s niece, Jaclyn Sells.

“I sure don’t want to see another family go through what we’ve gone through,” Rodney said. “I think the education component of it is very essential as well.”

Jaclyn added, “It’s really amazing how many people don’t know what to do when they’re in that situation.”

According to this family, this was and still is a tragedy.

“It’s amazing how many people have come forward to talk about what they’ve been through and how there needs to be change. They’ve talked about road rage happening even in school zones and residential areas. You never realize it’s happening in some of the most vulnerable areas of our state too. I think this will hopefully help save lives in the future as well,” Jaclyn said.

The state Senate will now take up the bill for more discussion. Go to the Utah State Legislature website to find out more information about the bill.


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