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UHP responds to more than 50 slide-offs/crashes statewide Wednesday



SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — The Utah Highway Patrol said it’s been busy around the clock Wednesday helping drivers on the roads.

There have been more than 50 crashes and slide-offs Wednesday as reported by the Utah Highway Patrol.

Cpl. Andrew Battenfield said this winter has been unusually dry, but when it snows like it did Wednesday, drivers need to remember to go slow and be ready in case of emergency.

“Winter driving is the same anywhere,” said Battenfield.

Anywhere Utahns went Wednesday could have spelled disaster and this could be from the highways to the streets.

UHP said it was busy with crashes and slide-offs particularly on I-80, US 89, and US 40.

“This year has been kind of unique,” said Battenfield. “We haven’t had a really bad winter. We’ve had a couple of bad days and today is one of those bad days.”

Utahn, Heaven Kelley knows all about those bad days.

“I don’t mind it because I don’t drive,” said Kelley.

Kelley doesn’t drive because she has gotten in too many wintry weather accidents.

“I know these conditions are outside of people’s control and they still have to get around, so I sympathize I get it to believe me I get it,” said Kelley.

The wintry conditions caused UHP to call out extra troopers.

Cpl. Andrew Battenfield said he and his colleagues try to get ahead of any potential storms threatening the conditions of the roadways.

“We try to anticipate when these storms happen and we will load extra troopers and extra people to help in situations like this, but we can always predict what weather is going to do,” said Battenfield.

The winter weather may be unpredictable, but so are the chances of a slide-off. That’s why Battenfield and Kelley said there’s no need to have a sense of urgency on the roads when they’re slick.

“I would say learn from the other motorists that came before you,” said Battenfield. “Pay attention to what these stories are like because you could be the next person that ends up in trouble on a snowy day.”

“There’s nowhere you need to be that urgently,” said Kelley. “There’s not unless it’s an emergency but go slow. It’s better to get there than risk it.”

Keeping an emergency kit in your car is beneficial for when and if a crash or slide off happens. Having extra food, water, clothes and a nice sturdy pair of shoes will be useful if stranded. Call UHP if this ever does happen and they’ll get a trooper to you as soon as possible. Reporting in Salt Lake City

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