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Utah man claiming self-defense in fatal shooting of friend faces murder charge



A West Valley City man was charged with murder after he allegedly shot his friend during a drunken argument in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 23. He claims the shooting was in self-defense.

Glen Hogue, 59, was charged in the Third District Court, according to court documents, after he admitted to shooting and killing his friend 60-year-old Troy Frampton during an argument in a motorhome. As they were drinking alcohol, Frampton reportedly showed Hogue that he had a handgun in his jacket pocket.

Hogue grabbed the gun. Frampton tried to get it back, but it went off and shot a bullet into the floor, charging documents state.

Hogue reportedly checked the gun for remaining rounds and found a live round in the chamber and three live rounds still in the magazine. He ejected the round from the chamber. Charging documents state that instead of returning the now-unloaded gun to Frampton, Hogue put the round ejected from the chamber into the magazine, loaded the magazine into the gun and kept it.

Frampton allegedly became “belligerent.” Hogue responded by “jacking a round into [the chamber] and instructed Frampton to site down.

They argued for 30 minutes until Frampton rushed at Hogue. He was shot twice by Hogue, according to charging documents. Frampton died at the scene.

Hogue said the shooting was done in self-defense, but police say the evidence does not support Hogue’s claim.

Hogue was arrested and booked into jail.

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