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Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control wants to change its name



Salt Lake City, Utah — The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is proposing to change its name.

According to DABC Executive Director Tiffany Clason, they are proposing, dropping the word “control” in favor of “services.”

The name change would reflect the mission of the agency and improve public perception of what they do, Clason said.

“We feel like a name change, taking out that word ‘control’ and inserting the word ‘services,’ — Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services — better reflects all of the services that we provide in our vision and determination again to be customer-service focused,” she said.

The DABC has already made some consumer-friendly changes, including adding coolers at new liquor stores to sell cold beer. She also said the DABC would like to implement “click and collect,” which is the ability for a customer to order liquor online and pick it up at a state-run liquor store.

“We want to do that. Let’s move forward,” she said, adding that conversations were under way with the legislature to make it happen.

In the committee hearing, lawmakers reacted favorably to Clason’s report.

“The state still, obviously, is regulating in making sure that we are public safety focused, prevention education focused,” Clason said.

The name change is expected to appear in an omnibus liquor bill.


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