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Utah’s ‘syncski’ couple already halfway to goal of skiing 3 million vertical feet



PARK CITY, Utah — Belinda and Mike McConnell, known for their synchronized skiing antics at Deer Valley Resort, are already halfway to their goal of skiing 3 million vertical feet this season.

The couple goes by “syncski” on Instagram, and if you’ve spent any time at Deer Valley this season, you’ve probably seen them.

“We try to do it under a chairlift, just for fun, so we get a lot of cheers from the chairs and ‘woo-hoos’,” Belinda said.

Not only do their synchronized skiing moves draw attention, but so do their matching outfits, which Belinda says were Mike’s idea.

“A few years ago, I just sort of hooked on the idea we ought to wear matching jackets, and it took me a couple of years to convince her. We did coordinating jackets for a while, and then I found some that actually matched, and we just kind of liked it and now it’s sort of my hobby is looking for matching ski clothes,” Mike said.

The couple has four matching helmets, seven jackets and 10 sweaters. Their skis match too.

“We have custom skis made, and the custom skis are made so that the colors on our skis are matching the jacket colors that we wear,” Belinda said.

So far this season, the couple has skied 1.6 million vertical feet at Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort.

If you see the McConnells on the slopes, they would love for you to say “hi” and join them for a synchronized ski session.

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