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West Valley Family Angered After Christmas Decorations Were Stolen



WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — A family from West Valley City woke up to find several of their Christmas decorations — including one with sentimental value — were missing from their front yard.

“It just makes me mad,” said Lori Yates. “Karma will come. It’s just a matter of time.”

Along with a couple projection lights that were taken from the home, Yates said a large black teddy bear decoration with LED lights was stolen.

It was originally a gift from her mother.

“It was the teddy bear that upset me more than anything just because we’ve had it for so long,” said Yates’ daughter, Ashly Menefee. “It’s something from my nana.”

Menefee said she heard a little bit of a scuffle around 11:00 p.m. and looked outside in time to see what she believed was a dark-colored, 4-door SUV — possibly a Jeep — drive away.

The family had a doorbell surveillance camera, but it apparently failed to record.

The TV and some lights were still on inside the home when the theft took place, according to Menefee.

“I was just on the couch right there,” Menefee said. “That really surprised me that they had the audacity to do that.”

Yates said the decorations may have only been valued at a couple hundred dollars, but she couldn’t believe someone would stoop so low to steal them.

“It’s not valuable money-wise, but it’s sentimental — and my house looked so cute,” Yates said.

The family wasn’t sure what to make of what happened, but they shrugged and urged others to secure decorations they care about outside.

“I’m really kind of angry,” Yates said. “It kind of puts a damper on your Christmas spirit.”

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