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West Valley Police to conduct crosswalk safety operation



WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – The West Valley Police Department will be conducting a crosswalk safety operation.

So far in 2021, police say 14 people have been hit by vehicles on West Valley City Streets.

As part of the operation, officers in plain clothes will attempt to cross the road at 2700 West as any member of the community typically would.

Utah law requires approaching vehicles to stop for pedestrians crossing in a marked crosswalk.

Organizers say the officer will wait until traffic appears to be clear, then start to cross the intersection.

Police added that the most common violation happens when a vehicle in the first lane stops for the
pedestrian and the pedestrian starts to cross the intersection, then another vehicle in the next lane
fails to stop.

This is how officials say some pedestrians are hit by passing vehicles. If the motorist does
not stop for the pedestrian, a nearby officer will perform a traffic stop and warn, or issue a citation to the driver.

According to the Utah Highway Safety Office, so far in 2021, there have been 192 pedestrian-related
crashes in Utah. 16 of them have been deadly.

Officials say this crosswalk operation is funded through the Utah Highway Safety Office in an effort to reduce deaths and injuries to “vulnerable roadway users.”

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