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Alpine school district clarifies COVID-19 leave policies for staff after wrong draft was sent in error



American Fork, Utah — The Alpine School District sent a mistaken draft to employers saying they had the option to “do nothing” if they are exposed to COVID-19 and but remain symptom-free.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune reports, in a memo sent out to staff Wednesday evening, several courses of action were laid out if a staff member is exposed to COVID-19. Quarantining at home for seven to 10 days and wearing a mask are some of the options listed in the guidelines.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the drafted guidelines then say that employees can keep their COVID-19 exposure private.

“The unwritten last option (if they are symptom-free) is to do nothing because the Health Department has no ability to enforce these guidelines,” the drafted document reads.

The draft goes on to say the district encourages symptom-free employees to continue to work as “students are best served by the employee hired to do the job.” It also says there is no federal relief money to help pay for staff absences.

On Thursday they sent an updated version that says “If an employee is quarantining they are to follow the District sick leave policy. If the employee is not quarantining, they should follow the personal leave policy.”

The new version also goes into detail about when to use sick leave or personal leave.

“The safety of our employees and our students remains a top priority,” the memo continues, “We recognize that our students are best served by our highly qualified employees, but we encourage those who are sick to stay home.”

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