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Argument goes wrong: Man will spend almost 30 years in prison for killing his wife, mother of three, claims he shot her in self-defense in front of their son



The future is no bright for this 32-year-old man who will spend the next 28 years in prison for shooting to death his wife, mother of three children, following an argument hey had over the phone hours prior to the shooting incident. The suspect claimed the shooting was no planned and he had done it in self-defense, but the jury rejected his claims.

According to the court records, the 32-year-old suspect identified as the K. Rice was sentenced to 28 years in prison after found guilty for shooting to death his wife in an incident that took place in February, three years ago.

The man apologized for the shooting and how their argument over the phone ended up and from the start to the very end of the court process he claimed the shooting occurred in self-defense.

“I apologize for this situation for which I was not the cause of,” Rice said in a quiet voice as he read from a sheet of paper. “I didn’t have time to think. It was act or die.”

Rice continued with his claims and reminded the jury even in the last court hearing that he had no other options but shooting to death his then-wife after she allegedly attacked him without warning in her Ohio apartment, but the judge added that he didn’t believe his story.

The court records indicate that the suspect had an argument with the victim few hours before the shooting incident took place. Police didn’t reveal what the reason for the argument and they were not able prove the motive of the shooting since Rice has been claiming he did in self-defense since the very start of the investigation.

According to the Rice’s testimony, he was carrying his gun with him all the times for which he had a concealed carry permit. The reason why he carried the fatal, he said it was like any other day as he was carrying cash with him all the times because he is a barber.

As soon as the suspect arrived at the house, he went upstairs and continued the argument with her wife in front of their son who was also in the room. At one point the argument escalated and he shot his wife to death.

Victim’s sister was downstairs with the other two little children. When they heard the gunshot, they started screaming, immediately came upstairs and found the dead body of their mother and sister covered in blood.

“Every morning I wake up without my sister is a heavy weight on my chest,” victim’s sister said. “We all miss her so much. The light of this world is gone.”

She added that she is furious on Rice because he left their children without a mother and they still can’t understand why she is not around them anymore. This is what the sister added: “All I can do is hug them and hold them and tell them that she loves them.”

The prosecutors asked for life without parole. According to them, it’s more than clear that the suspect planned the murder and that can be confirmed with the fact that he was carrying his gun with him when he arrived at the apartment. They added that the woman was shot several times and the suspect has never shown remorse.

Defense attorney D. Taylor asked for the minimum sentence, which would be 20 years to life in prison. He said Rice has no prior criminal record and was a law-abiding citizen before the shooting. According to him, nothing really indicated that the argument will end up this way and his client will be in the current position.

Judge Donofrio also said he thought Rice displayed no remorse.

“I don’t know what set Mr. Rice off that caused him to take those actions that day,” Judge Donofrio said.

Rice received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison for the murder and an additional three years because of a specification that a firearm was used to commit the crime.