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Dr. Dunn on the beginning of the school year: “I am really scared about the fall with the delta variant”



Salt Lake City, Utah — With no mask mandates currently in place, many are wondering how students under the age of 12, who are not yet eligible to get the vaccine, will stay safe.

According to Salt Lake County Health Department Executive Director Dr. Angela Dunn “The lack of empathy and the lack of resolve to protect those under 12, I am really scared about the fall with the delta variant”.

According to Dunn, case counts are very concerning.

“They’re still too high for my comfort level going into the school year,” Dunn said.

State law gives local health departments authority to issue a mask mandate — only with the support from the mayor, council, and ultimately the legislature. As of Thursday, Dunn has not issued a mask mandate.

Dunn said it would be prudent if lawmakers would reconsider laws, that were passed back in May because things have changed.

“No single prevention strategy other than vaccination works and so we need to have all of them layered together in order to really protect our kids,” Dunn said.

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