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Charla Derr

Part-time writer

Charla is a Utah Valley University student studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication. She is a part-time writer for MDMH West Valley putting a lot of effort into delivering valuable content. She is part of the team for more than a year.

Stories By Charla Derr


Local News16 hours ago

Wildlife officials advise Utahns against bringing home elk calves and deer fawns

Salt Lake City, Utah – This summer, if you see a deer fawn sleeping by itself on a patch of...

Local News2 days ago

Utah snow leopard expecting her first cub at Hogle Zoo

Salt Lake City, Utah – At Utah’s Hogle Zoo, a snow leopard whose species is highly endangered is set to...

Local News3 days ago

On June 2, the Utah Pride Parade will go through Salt Lake City’s downtown

Salt Lake City, Utah – Rain or shine, the Utah Pride Parade travels through Salt Lake City’s downtown on Sunday,...

Local News4 days ago

The rain stops long enough for families to enjoy the annual Busker Fest

Salt Lake City, Utah – For central and northern Utah, the holiday weekend got off to a soggy start. Plans...

Local News5 days ago

Kouri Richins gets new defense after ‘irreconcilable situation’ with previous team

Salt Lake City, Utah – Kouri Richins, who is charged with killing her husband in 2022 by poisoning a drink...

Local News6 days ago

Utah benefits from the Russian uranium embargo, but the Navajo Nation wants shipments to stop

Salt Lake City, Utah — Utah’s uranium business is benefiting from a bill that the president signed, despite the Navajo...

Local News7 days ago

An assisted living facility in Holladay is paying tribute to veterans in advance of Memorial Day

Holladay, Utah – At The Ridge Assisted Living Center in Holladay, there are many veterans, so one staff member thought...

Local News1 week ago

Here is Salt Lake City’s current ranking in the list of “Best Places to Live”

City, Utah – The U.S. News & World Report does not seem to have the same high regard for Utah’s...

Local News1 week ago

More social workers are responding to emergency calls in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah – In Salt Lake City, more social workers are answering emergency calls. A group of social...

Local News1 week ago

Red Cross and Tetris partner to increase blood donations

Salt Lake City, Utah – Given the success of the Red Cross and Peanuts campaign, blood donors now have the...