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Hill Air Force Base shares safety tips for driving in the fall



Utah – During fall we receive reduced hours of daylight and that can increase hazards when on the road.

“Driving during dark hours is more hazardous due to an increased driver reaction time,” air force officials said.

According to Hill Air Force Base members, there are four main tips to keep in mind as fall approaches:

1. Slow down. Using your peripheral vision can be helpful when navigating in the dark. Officials stated that vision adjustment for road glare can take up to 30 minutes, and more people will be driving to and from work with less light.

2. Prepare your car. Keeping your car’s headlights, taillights and signal lights clean can help increase visibility, officials said. This can be particularly helpful for low lighting at night and in the early morning.

3. Dim your lights. Ensuring your headlights are on low beams can help avoid blinding drivers ahead of you. Dimming your lights when oncoming cars approach is another safety measure to take on the road, they said.

4. Increase following distance. In the dark, it can be harder to judge other vehicle’s speed and proximity. Increasing your following distance along with slowing down can help prevent any collisions or other dangerous situations.

According to officials, inclement weather during dark hours can cause road glare resulting in essential blindness for up to 75 feet in front of your car. They added that age also plays a role in how easily the eyes adjust to the dark. “The older you are, the harder it is to adjust to sudden light changes,” they stated.

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