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Iron County to build a new jail



Cedar City, Utah — Iron County’s current facility is the oldest functioning jail in Utah.

According to Commissioner Mike Blake, while building an expensive new jail may not be popular, it needs to be done.

The population of Iron county has nearly tripled since the current jail opened in the late 1980s. That means the jail is too small, with offenders turned away because of space concerns, says Blake.

“The jail as it currently sits was built and engineered to house four female inmates. Sometimes we have 40 female inmates.
We have basically turned the gymnasium, classrooms, janitor’s closets, anywhere that can fit a bunk or a mattress we’ve had to turn into inmate housing…it’s not ideal,” explained Blake.

Finding a location everyone agrees upon will be difficult and will carry a hefty price tag. Estimated to be between $30 and $70 million. Four sites are under consideration.


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