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Mask mandate dropped in Utah State Courts



Salt Lake City, Utah – According to Utah State Courts, face coverings will no longer be required indoors.

A mask mandate was issued on September 17 for court facilities in Utah counties with low or medium levels of COVID-19.

Beginning March 7 all mask mandates inside state courts will be lifted for counties with low or medium community levels.

For communities with high transmission levels, mask mandates will still be effective.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) no longer recommends mask-wearing in counties with low or medium COVID-19 levels.

Both the CDC and Utah State Court officials still recommend mask-wearing for those who are unvaccinated or have a higher risk of COVID-19 related complications.

Regardless of the lack of mask mandates, individuals who wish to wear a face-covering inside any state court facility are free to do so.

According to officials, each judicial district will be checking CDC guidelines for court facilities weekly, adjusting mask requirements accordingly.

“Throughout the pandemic, the judiciary has consistently focused on the safety of court personnel and patrons,” officials say. “The courts will continue that focus while also recognizing the benefits associated with vaccination. The courts will continue to screen employees and jury trial participants for any COVID symptoms and continue to follow CDC precautions. Many court proceedings will also continue to be held remotely.”


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