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New eye drop may eliminate need for reading glasses



Say goodbye to eye strain.

A new eye drop that has been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, and may receive approval later this year, may eliminate the need for reading glasses.

According to the company Allergan Eye Care, its as-yet-unnamed eye drop treats symptoms of presbyopia, a condition that affects mostly older people and makes it difficult for the eyes to focus on nearby objects. The condition, which happens to nearly everyone, usually starts in the late 40s and gets progressively worse as people age.

The drops work around the eye lens’ lack of elasticity by making the pupils smaller and creating more depth of focus.

In 30-day trials, participants who received the drug were able to read as many as three extra lines on a reading chart compared to those who received a placebo. However, fewer than 5% experienced some side effects, including headaches, red eyes, blurred vision and some eye pain.

If the drug is approved, it would be the first to be approved specifically for presbyopia. Similar drugs are already available to treat glaucoma.

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