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Sundance will require proof of vaccination for 2022 festival



Park City, Utah — According to Festival Director Tabitha Jackson, the Sundance Film Festival will return in 2022, but will require people attending screenings or other festival events in Utah to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Jackson says this is to ensure that “that all in-person participants feel comfortable attending, and can adjust their travel plans if needed.

“We will share our full details and processes for health precautions closer to the festival, including theater capacity along with information on mask-wearing. We will continue to assess other elements of health and safety protocols regularly and in accordance with best practices.”

Sundance will also be available online to reach a broader audience but will be open in-person at screenings in Park City, Salt Lake City, and at the Sundance Mountain Resort.

According to Festival Director Tabitha Jackson, next year’s festival will be larger than the limited screenings shown online in 2021 but will offer a tighter schedule than in previous years, with 80 features. As in the past, films will premiere in the opening half of the festival from Jan. 20-25, 2022. Additional screenings will continue in the second half of the festival, with awards announced on Friday, Jan. 28 in anticipation of a final weekend of award-winning films screened in person and online.

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