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Utah County officials ask anyone who saw missing teens to call



UTAH COUNTY, Utah, May 8, 2020 — Utah County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Spencer Cannon is asking anyone who saw two missing teens after 3 p.m. Wednesday to phone authorities.

Priscilla Bienkowski, 18, and Sophia Hernandez, 17, were last scene around that time after making plans to use a inflatable device designed for pool use to float on Utah Lake.

A major windstorm is believed to have created high waves and turbulence on the lake, and Bienkowski and Hernandez have not been seen since.

The floatation device, a cell phone and car keys were located on the lake’s shore.

Officials have spend all but a few of the past 48 hours on the lake and in surrounding areas searching for the teens. Helicopters, searchers on horseback, boats, boats with sonar capabilities, and divers have been used.

“Investigators are asking anyone who saw Priscilla Bienkowski or Sophia Hernandez after 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, May 6, to contact us through Central Utah Dispatch at 801-794-3970,” Cannon’s statement says.

“They are missing near The Knolls on the west side of Utah Lake.”

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