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Utah woman releases book after losing daughters in 2020 flash flood



Emery County, Utah — About 19 months ago Becky and Tim Graff lost their daughters in a flash flood where waters ripped through Little Wildhorse Canyon, just outside of Goblin Valley.

“We just went from a young family to empty nesters overnight,” about one year after the tragic incident, Becky said.

On Saturday, after a year and a half from the day of the incident, Becky released a book titled Swept Away: A True Story of Grief & Acceptance.

“I knew that I needed to share what we were going through and the kind of unconventional ways in which we dealt through our grieving process, the things that we did,” she said. “It’s a journey of what we went through and how we process things, how we talk to each other, where we went, what we did, how people supported us, and what we learned from those experiences.”

Becky and her husband Tim hope the book helps others who may be dealing with their own loss, struggling to find ways of coping and moving forward.

“We hear all the time that ‘Well I didn’t lose a child, so I can’t relate.’ Everybody’s struggle is different,” said Tim.

“I hope that they find a little bit more light and hope in their life. It does not have to be the loss of a child, definitely nothing quite so dramatic as what we’ve experienced, for somebody to find hope in their own life,” said Becky. “This truthfully was a very difficult thing to do. I just feel very honored to be in a place, that we’re in a place in our journey that this is something we can share with other people in the hope that it does help them.”


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