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Why Utahns chose to not be vaccinated against COVID ?



Salt Lake City, Utah — According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest survey of American households, opposition to the vaccine remains entrenched with significant percentages of the unvaccinated expressing distrust in government and vaccine scientists and varying levels of disbelief in the virus and the threat it presents.

60 percent of unvaccinated Utahns agreed that the biggest reason given for not getting the vaccine was fear of side effects.

45 percent of Utahns said they were waiting to see if the vaccines are safe.

Very small percentages of Utahns still say the vaccine is too hard to get or too costly, suggesting early challenges of education, delivery, and transportation have largely been overcome.

Between 30 and 41 percent of Utahns give reasons such as distrust of the vaccine and government and not believing Covid-19 is a big threat.


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