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Companies dealing with an increase in calls for service as cold weather moving into Utah



Salt Lake City, Utah — Some residents are already turning on the heat as colder weather moving into Utah.

HVAC pros around the Salt Lake City area are already dealing with an increase in calls for service. According to experts, this season is especially busy.

“We noticed an uptick probably about two weeks ago,” said Sales Manager Mike Bentzien with Same Day Heating and Air.

According to Bentzien, their call volume has probably seen a 50% increase, and is expect those numbers to double by next week as even colder temperatures move in. “We always see a higher demand for equipment, it’s common. I think it’s been heightened due to COVID-19 and the workforce,” said Bentzien.

And a chip shortage is affecting some of the higher-end thermostats. “We’re having massive shortages when it comes to equipment just in general,” said Bentzien.

That is the main reason why they stocked up ahead of the season. “As the temperatures continue to drop and the demand increases, we’ve got units ready to install and get customers warm and comfortable,” said Bentzien.

The company has “Same Day Heating and Air opt” into a maintenance program so their systems are checked up as the seasons change.

According to a customer Kathy Wright, she’s been on the maintenance plan for years so she doesn’t have to worry about being stranded on a cold night with a broken furnace.

“For me, it’s just nice not having to worry about something breaking down or going wrong, It should go through the winter now, we should be OK,’ said Wright.

There are some things that residents can do themselves about the maintenance of their systems like changing the filter, making sure the batteries are fresh in the thermostat, and making sure there’s a working carbon monoxide detector when turning on the furnace this season.


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