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Four-Day workweek in a Utah company



Salt Lake City, Utah — A Utah company wants to make the three-day weekend standard operating procedure.

“That’s a huge part of this is employees are able to rejuvenate in that extra day off. They’re able to get more things done and that work-life balance provides better and improved creativity in the output that our employees are giving,” said Jesse Wood, CEO of Salt Lake City-based EFileCabinet.

According to Wood, the company’s 100 employees enjoy Friday every week because they don’t have to work at all. He said it’s been a years-long journey to get to this point — and it just works.

According to statistics from ZipRecruiter, job postings touting a four-day workweek have increased almost 250% over the last few years.

The current number is only about 62 out of every 10,000 jobs posted, but that’s up from less than 20 in 2018.

“Although many CEOs resist the idea of cutting hours without reducing pay, two-thirds of companies that have adopted a four-day week say employee productivity has increased,” a recent Bloomberg article said regarding those statistics.

Wood said they’ve gotten more work and their employees are happier as they’ve tested out this policy.