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Lake Powell officials warn of delays for boaters



Lake Powell, Utah — According to officials, boaters should expect longer than normal wait times for entering and exiting the water due to near-record low water level in Lake Powell.

Officials with Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources said there are limited launching options at both ends of Lake Powell. Boaters should expect delays entering and exiting the water, especially if they want to receive decontamination.

“We have very limited staff and they do their best to meet the needs of boaters,” officials said in a Facebook post. “Please be patient as they work fast to meet the inspection and decontamination requirements for Lake Powell.”

According to officials, all boats leaving Lake Powell require an exit inspection. If a watercraft needs decontamination, a full exit inspection is required before the decontamination process can begin.

Boaters can help speed up the process by removing mussels from anchors and sea strainers, and draining all water from your ballast tanks and live wells before you arrive at the inspection station, officials said.

Decontamination options are available at both ends of Lake Powell and across the State. The decontamination process requires the flushing of all ballast tanks, live wells, anchor lockers, equipment, and the engine itself to ensure the removal of microscopic mussels from these internal systems.

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