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October is breast cancer awareness month



Salt Lake City, Utah — Doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute are encouraging women to get their screenings. October is breast cancer awareness month.

Fabiola Latin has been getting mammograms for the last seven years and all of them have come back normal.

This year, during her eighth mammogram, the test results looked different.

“ The next day they called me back saying that they found something suspicious in my right breast,” said Fabiola Latin, a Breast cancer patient.

In September she had the tumor removed, saying it’s with the support of her family that she’s able to stay so positive.

“ Sometimes I get worried and scared and I’m like, what’s my treatment going to be, what’s the side effects, all of that stuff comes to my mind, but then I’m like, OK Fabiana, you’ve got this, this is going to be OK,” said Fabiola.

Kirstyn Brownson, Fabiola‘s doctor, credits her for helping to catch cancer early.

The average woman’s risk of getting breast cancer is greater than 12%.

“ When we catch breast cancer earlier, it’s easier to control potentially,” said Kirstyn Brownson, Surgical Breast Oncologist Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Both say bringing awareness to breast cancer during the month of October makes a huge difference and encourages others to make appointments.

“ something I appreciate so very much about her, just like so many of my other patients, is their willingness to share their experience to help encourage other women to get their mammogram, and to seek medical attention if they notice a change in their breasts because together we can save lives,” said Brownson.

If you have a family history of breast cancer, it’s best to talk to your doctor and get screamed even before you turn 40.