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Salt Lake City Officials plan to revamp 300 West area



SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Officials unveiled plans this week to revamp the area between 900 South and 2100 South on 300 West. Officials said they are paying close attention to the safety of the area as they approach this project.

The 300 West area will be receiving bike lanes and more sidewalks, as well as adjustments to the already existing sidewalks. When the city addressed the public of their concerns, a trend among the answers arose.

The revamp will narrow the vehicle traffic lanes by roughly 25 feet to a total width of 56 feet. However, there will still be two lanes of traffic in each direction and a center turn lane.

A two-way bike lane will be offset from the road by a “park strip” of green space, where the city will plant over 200 trees and other foliage to “beautify” the area.

On both sides of the street, the sidewalks will be 6 feet wide and extend the length of the construction route, filling in about 1,700 feet of currently missing sidewalks. The city will also install two mid-block crossings at American and Andrew avenues.

City transportation planner Will Becker said they spent a year talking to people and the project will start this spring continuing into next year.

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