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SLC firefighters goes door-to door to remind residents of fireworks ban



Salt Lake City, Utah — The Salt Lake City Fire Department is reminding the people that fireworks are still banned in the city by going door-to-door through the neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, firefighters were handing out flyers informing people about the restrictions that are still in place.

“As we all know, with the record heat this year, it’s unusual even for the high desert here in Utah, so we have very dry fuels, we have areas in the city, not only in the urban interface throughout the valley but in the core of some of the cities and urban areas that are just prepared to ignite,” said SLC Fire Chief Karl Lieb.

Many other areas in Utah have joined Salt Lake City in issuing a full fireworks ban.

“Some people say, well it’s the same, it’s the same, but it’s not the same this year with record 100 degree days already, and very little snowfall this past winter; it has put us in a situation where everything is just a tinderbox,” said Lieb.

According to the chief, people should celebrate by watching professional fireworks shows, like the ones after the Bees games on Friday and Saturday, and the show at Liberty Park on Saturday.

The fire department reminds people that if they’re caught setting off fireworks, it could result in a citation or be fine up to $1000.

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