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Storm signals start of Utah’s deer open season, DWR promotes outdoor activities



Utah County, Utah – As the state’s deer hunting season opens on Saturday, it’s a huge day for hunters all over.

From October 22 to October 30, all authorized firearms may be used by individuals with a license. It is now open season for muzzleloaders and archery hunters, who can go out in late September and early October.

The Division of Wildlife Resources in Utah is putting in a lot of time.

According to Lt. Matt Briggs of DWR, the majority of conservation officers, if not all of them, enjoy being outside, which makes their work very rewarding. Briggs said he still likes his job despite having worked for the DWR for more than 30 years.

“Every day is different,” Briggs said. Pair the day with the great outdoors, and that’s his happy place.

“That is the best part,” Briggs said.

“Don’t quit. Keep having fun, alright?” he said.

Many deer hunters around the state are taking on this year’s deer hunting opening season despite the chilly temperatures, rain, and mountain snow that would otherwise keep many inside curled up under a blanket.

Despite their failure, other hunters claimed they were still having fun. According to Briggs, this time of year is conducive to long, busy days at DWR.

“Check licenses, the hunting licenses of the sportsmen that are out there,” Briggs said.

The DWR wants people who appreciate being outside to do it safely while also making sure they’re having fun. That implies that they are also on the lookout for poachers.

“We also have those who want to cheat. Do whatever they can to cheat, whether that’s hunting at night, or go on private property without permission. We deal with that every year.”

According to Briggs, hunters may break the law unintentionally by obtaining the incorrect permission or shooting the incorrect sex. He added that after discovering a mistake, the best course of action is to accept responsibility for it.

He claims that, for the most part, the people he and his team encounter while exploring the outdoors across six counties behave appropriately.

“Trying hard and teaching your kids how to do it right,” Briggs said.

Some hunters called for a day as the wind and rain grew stronger.

“There’s always tomorrow right?” said Lt. Briggs.

According to Briggs, Monday will probably be an excellent deer hunting day as they move from higher elevations down a little lower due to the cooler weather and some of the weather makers anticipated over the weekend.

He is reminding folks who spend time outside to be ready with the appropriate equipment since, as he noted, it matters and may also make a difference on a hunt.

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